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Getting your floor the upgrade your home deserves is just a call or click away.  Contact us now to get all your questions answered. We are you top choice for LVP flooring installation but that’s just a small fraction of what we can do.

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Thanks to our latest machines and tools, we can install floors quicker than anyone. Whether it is the clickable method, nailing down method, or gluing method, we don’t take days to finish floor installations. We understand that you are eager to use the floor as soon as possible. Our team will make sure that you can use the floor right after they leave.

 Floor installations are our forte. We will do everything we can to satisfy your flooring needs. Give us a chance, and we promise not to disappoint you. Contact our nearest branch in your locality to set up a meeting within a few days. We will take care of the rest.Q

Luxury Vinyl Plank Flooring Installation

Like laminate, luxury vinyl plank floors also look like hardwood. Our company uses engineered vinyl planks. This is the highest quality vinyl plan you will ever see. It gives a realistic hardwood floor look. Plus, it is more durable than hardwood and laminate floors combined. Most importantly, it is waterproof, making it suitable for almost every room in your house. You don’t have to think of another flooring material for your bathroom. The strong and high-density of the fiberboard core helps to make the vinyl durable for decades.

Our engineered vinyl planks are usually thicker than other planks. We believe that a thick plank will settle down on the subfloor easily over time. Most importantly, the foot traffic will allow the plank to stick to the subfloor, allowing it to last for years. We use 8 mm engineered vinyl planks to make the floor look like hardwood.

Our engineers construct the floor in layers. First, we use an underlayment like a cork as the base. The middle layer consists of a high-density core board. We attach this board to the cork to provide additional cushioning. Lastly, we use high-quality vinyl on top. It offers the hardwood-look that you desired.

Luxury vinyl plank floor has several benefits: first, it is versatile and resilient compared to other types of flooring. Second, it is durable. It lasts longer than traditional hardwood or laminate floors. Third, it is waterproof. You don’t have to worry about spilling water or food on it. Unlike hardwood and laminate, you can use luxury vinyl planks in bathrooms also.

Our engineers follow two installation methods for luxury vinyl planks. First is the clickable method. Second is the gluing-down method. We prefer the clickable method because of its fast installation process. However, we don’t back away if we see a concrete base under your subfloor. We will quickly change our installation method and use glue to stick the underlayment.

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Hardwood Flooring Installation

Hardwood floors are undoubtedly the best looking option you will come across. They look expensive, they look classy, and they can change your average house into your dream home. It even has a high resale value. Both renters and buyers usually prefer to move to a home with stylish interiors. And hardwood floors can provide that style. The buyers would want to meet your asking price for the house because they know the value of hardwood floors.

However, you need to be selective about the rooms where you want to use hardwood. We can install them in any room you want, but we advise our customers not to have them in rooms that remain wet for extended periods. That means you shouldn’t install hardwood floors in bathrooms, kitchens, mudrooms, and laundry rooms.

We provide both prefinished and unfinished hardwood, depending on the type you prefer. The solid hardwood floors usually have ¾-inch width. We nail its groove and tongue plank to the subfloor. Sometimes we see floors made of concrete. Don’t worry; we will glue the subfloor on the concrete and then nail the groove and tongue planks on the wooden subfloor. Our flooring experts sand and finish the unfinished solid hardwood to make the planks ready for installation. On the other hand, prefinished hardwood doesn’t require on-site finishing. We install them right away after reaching your property.

Our collection of hardwood also contains engineered hardwood floors. These look like plywood with a layer of solid hardwood on top. We can glue or nail down the conventional engineered hardwood planks. However, modern engineered planks don’t work that way. We have to click them together so that they have a floating effect.

Nailing down installations is easier than glue-down installations. But we are experts in both installation methods. We use timers to ensure that the glue absorbs on the subfloor correctly before placing the hardwood planks. Apart from these methods, we can also install engineered floors efficiently. They will give a raised and floating effect once we finish. Many clients want to use hardwood in every room. We suggest not doing that. Hardwood is an expensive flooring option, and it also requires significant maintenance. Use it in rooms that don’t experience too much traffic. It will increase the hardwood’s longevity.

Service Area

We  have our headquarters south of the river in Eagan Minnesota. We provide services in a wide area that includes places like Apple Valley, St. Paul, Minneapolis, Burnsville, Edina. Our team can also offer unmatched and affordable flooring solutions up to 45 miles from St. Paul or downtown Minneapolis. All you need to do is set up an appointment. We assure you that you will find your home’s flooring option from our company. Apart from new installations, we also provide hardwood floor repairs and polishing. We recommend taking care of hardwood floors to make them last longer.

Why Choose Us

We don’t claim to be the best in the business. However, we aspire to offer unmatched quality and customer service. Our honest team of engineers and installers work diligently to bring a smile on your face. We understand that you want hardwood floors or something similar within a pocket-friendly price. Honestly, we try our best to match your budget. And this is not the only thing special about us. 

Variety of Flooring Options

We have lots of flooring options available, depending on your property and budget. You can go through our list of flooring materials before confirming one. We assure you that you don’t have to worry about the quality of the materials. From laminate to vinyl, we only use premium-quality products so that you don’t have to consider re-flooring in the next few years.

Commercial Flooring Installation

We provide flooring services to both residential and commercial customers. That means your office can also have hardwood floors. Commercial hardwood flooring is similar to traditional or residential hardwood flooring. We offer three types of installations for commercial hardwood floors: engineered hardwood, locking hardwood, and solid hardwood.

With engineered floors, we fuse the layers together to give extra stability. Our experts will use adhesives on the subfloor. They will then stick the hardwood planks slowly. This installation process makes the hardwood planks stick for extended periods as the constant traffic keeps setting the planks down on the subfloor. Engineered floors fit best over concrete. They also resist humidity and moisture to a great extent.

Locking hardwood floors don’t involve nailing down or gluing the hardwood planks. These planks come with locks that we have to close in the groove and tongue system. It minimizes installation costs. Also, we don’t take too much time to install locking hardwood. Our engineers will measure the area of your property where you want to install hardwood floors. They will come and prepare the planks and install groove and tongue locks. On the said date, they will go and lock the planks on your floor. It’s that easy.

Solid hardwood takes maximum installation time. We don’t want to use any shortcuts during installation because it will reduce the floor’s longevity. Our engineers use a single plank to cover the entire floor. This eliminates the risk of having cracks and chips on your floor in the future. We sand the planks for years so that they can maintain their gloss and finish. They have a deep and shiny wooden color, which I perfect for offices. We will send a team who can nail and staple the hardwood plank to the wooden subfloor underneath.

Laminate flooring

We understand that many people may not have the budget for hardwood floors. However, that shouldn’t stop you from believing that you can have such floors in your office or house. That’s where laminate wood flooring can satisfy your needs. These floors are not as expensive as hardwood floors. Most people consider it as a low-cost alternative. We can install laminate floors in your property also.

Laminate hardwood uses resin and wood pulp. It looks a lot like real hardwood. You may not be able to tell the difference from hardwood if you are not an expert at identifying floors. Laminate not only mimics the style of hardwood but also lasts for longer periods.

We make laminate floors using a medium-density fiberboard. Our engineers also use a thick polymer and a photo layer to finish its top. This combination makes the laminate wood look exactly like hardwood. If you had a hardwood floor in mind but didn’t have the budget, we will make sure you have something close to hardwood that doesn’t burn a hole in your pocket.

Laminate floors don’t take long to install. Every variety of laminate wood floors that we have comes with click-together installation systems. This makes it easier for us to finish the job quickly. We will send a team to take a look at your property. Our engineers will not the size of every room where you want laminate wood floors. Accordingly, we can make laminate planks that fit every room perfectly. Our experts will bring the planks and lock them to their respective subfloors. This is the easiest and quickest installation method you will ever come across.

Apart from click-together installations, we also use the glue-down method. However, this method is not necessary. We will specify the installation process so that you don’t stay in the dark.

There are a few additional things you need to know about laminate floors: first, you cannot refinish laminate floors. You have to take good care of laminate wood throughout the year. Unlike hardwood, you cannot polish or refinish it once you see chips and cracks. But we assure you that that won’t happen because of the high-quality MDF that we use. Second, you can use install laminate wood in your kitchen. MDF is stain and moisture-resistant, making them ideal for all the rooms in your house. However, you shouldn’t use it in the bathrooms.

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 Everyone dreams of having a big house with luxurious amenities. You envision a home with big rooms, doors, windows, a spacious backyard, and a garden for the kids. You also know the paint color for different rooms. Everything is there in your head. All you need to do is execute your plans. But do you have any plans when it comes to flooring options? Like the exterior paint that makes your home bright and beautiful, the walls and floors also contribute to its inner beauty. If you can’t decide the best flooring material, allow us to help you.


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