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Luxury vinyl plank flooring, also known as LVP, is a very good faux wood flooring that looks very much like real wood but does not absorb any water. The highly believable design makes it easy to trick potential homeowners or guests into thinking that the flooring was done with wood and not vinyl plank flooring. At first glance, luxury vinyl plank flooring brands all seem somewhat similar especially how they appear to blend together.

However, after you have installed the flooring, experience walking on it and see it up-close, then you will find that indeed vinyl plank flooring brands differ in quality. Certain factors such as wear layer, thickness, and the quality of both the visual layer and the register embossing are what set apart the overall quality of vinyl plank flooring. The following is a comprehensive breakdown of the top 10 luxury plank brands that you should definitely consider.

  1. Achim Home Furnishings
    If your style is modern or classic, you are guaranteed to find whatever you are looking for at Achim Home Furnishings. They offer a wide variety of products such as flooring selections, wall and window coverings and almost every kind of home décor you would like for your home. Their floor selections are in plenty and highly durable. Some of the options they have include mahogany, redwood, and the silver spruce.
  2. Beaulieu Flooring
    Beaulieu as a flooring company works to offer luxurious flooring services to customers looking to redesign the flooring within their homes to enterprises looking to style the flooring of their business premises. Consider it your one-stop-shop for all your flooring needs thanks to its products such as carpet tiles, carpets, as well as luxury vinyl flooring products. They seem to have a range of colors, patterns, and tones.
  3. Mohawk Flooring
    Mohawk is a brilliant flooring company that offers a wide variety of products that range from carpets and rugs to authentic hardwood to laminate. It does not matter if you have a home with a traditional appearance or one with that looks like most people’s favorite vacation destination, you will be able to locate a flooring that meets your aesthetic and lifestyle needs. Their products come in a wide variety of tones, shades, and faux textures.
  4. Armstrong Flooring
    Armstrong is an industry leader in this particular market with over 150 years’ worth of experience in the business. The company prides itself in its ability to produce durable and innovative luxury vinyl plank flooring with specialities in hardwood, vinyl planks, and a lot more. They incorporate Diamond 10 technology to create floors inspired by rustic designs thus giving you aesthetically pleasing products of high quality, at a fantastic price.
  5. All American Hardwood
    This company encompasses what it entails to run a business in America in its operations; style, integrity, and customer satisfaction. They have special patterns and tones that will cater to your flooring needs regardless of whether you are looking for something personal or commercial. They offer flooring products named toffee, bronze, pearl, and oyster that will look right in place in either a rustic home or a modernly fashioned living space.
  6. Congoleum
    Congoleum promises durability and luxury in the products they sell. Congoleum flooring planks are the best for people with kids or pets because of the high quality of their products. If you are in search of something trendy or you would like to include something like grout, Congoleum will serve your needs right because of the tips and knowledge its employees offer to their clients so they can make the best purchase.
  7. Albero Valley
    It does not mean that if you have a small budget, your flooring dreams should also be restricted. Albero has a wide variety of collections for its customers to choose from, ranging from wood paneling to hardwood flooring. They have beautiful floor planks of all colors and tones. If you want your floor planks to flow across rooms seamlessly and without visible plank lines, Albero Valley is the best option for you.
  8. Adaptafloor
    Adaptafloor will see your floor adapt to anything you desire using DIY materials. The company will help you showcase the real beauty of your home by completely changing the design and image of your home in a very much affordable and sleek way. They have multiple color combinations, patterns, and mock materials such as ceramic, stone, and hardwood for you to choose from.
  9. Le Dalmar
    Le Dalmar is one of the most famous brands on the market largely in part because of the high-quality luxurious vinyl plank flooring products they offer. rest assured at Le Dalmar, you will be receiving style and good quality products at the best price. They have tones and patterns that fall within the latest trends to more traditional planks that will bring out the style of your home.
  10. Floressence Surfaces
    Floressence Surfaces offer lovely and luxurious flooring products for their customers and is easy to see why they should be included among the top 10 luxury plank brands. Their products have rather unique textures and patterns that you might not find anywhere else. Their product list includes wood, rubber, luxury vinyl, and a lot more that will cater to any residence or business.


Regardless of if you are going for something that’s modern, rustic, or a classic European country appearance, these top 10 luxury plank brands have every option available for you to choose from. Shopping for the best vinyl flooring material can be quite the task but it will prove all worthwhile in the end.

However, it is important to note that wood is not the only material that LVP mocks. Luxury Vinyl Tiling, also known as LVT, can mimic the appearance of stone or ceramic tiles. Some of the tiles and planks are designed for use without grout, thus making the flooring seem a lot more realistic and believable.

Make sure that the option you choose is in line with your taste and that it complements the overall feeling of your home. Do your research before settling on an option. Join online forums where people discuss luxury vinyl plank flooring or take up any concerns with interior decorators or store salespeople.

You’ll be surprised at the positive response you receive from people willing to dish out advice especially having gone through the same process. Make sure you raise questions involving warranty or safety certifications. Having made a choice, remember to include extra material for replacement in case of any waste. Try out these top 10 luxury plank brands for your flooring needs.

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